2019 Annual Conference Sessions

Title Presenter(s)
Afro-Pessimistic Scapegoating: Black Women’s Sacrificial Commitment to Residence Life/Housing Raniesha Wassman
Dare to Lead: Shame, Vulnerability, & Resilience in Student Affairs Alexandra Fields & Maeve Kirby
Mental Health & Over-Involvement: A Student Support Double Whammy Carson Flynn & Ashley Walker
Developing Staff Through Crucial Conversations Cody Arroyo-Greene
Constructing the Foundation: Facilitating Multicultural Competency Development within Student Staff Ileana Garcia & Chad Butts
3 Things Student Affairs Does to Uphold White Supremacy Tyler Placeres, Simone Thompson & Amanda Alberti
Creating new LLCs: Planning, Partnerships, Design, Evaluation, and Integration Aliana Harrison & MarQuita Barker
Dear White People: an open letter to white professional allies Victoria Bost & Nadaja Womack
The Social Justice Series Crystal Thibodeaux
Sharpening your saw as a mid-level professional Aliana Harrison & MarQuita Barker
Promoting Student Involvement and connection within the first Six Weeks Aliana Harrison & Amanda Alberti
This Career is My Calling it but isn’t My Identity Ryan McKeel
Supporting Black, Brown, and Rainbow Bodies in ResLife Li Miles
It’s-A-Different-World: From the Trailer Part to the Ivory Tower Amanda Morales
I’m ot a helicopter-parent, but… (and Other S*&% People Say) Nick Gawlik
Welcome Home Gen Z Evelyn Rucker
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Onboarding A New Professional Tai Richardson & Joshua Rascati
Harnessing Our White Advantage Shelley Wald
From the Ground Up: Building new and creating community Bryant Barnett, Laura Allison, Nicole Boucher, & Mike Jefferson
Inclusive Communities through Intergroup Dialogue Jose McKinney
I’m A Supervisor, Now What? Shannon Coleman
Thriving in Inclusive Environments for Neurologically-diverse Students in Higher Education Kristen Nichols
Dear World: UNC Charlotte’s Story Rebecca Gillison
Graduate Students, Groupthink, and Onboarding Ryan McKeel
The GA “PIT” Stop: Professional Development Tune Up Ashley Owens
Finding Your Fab Five List: Exploring Your Go-To Students Josh Rascati
Hurricane Florence: Preparing and Responding to a Campus Emergency Keith Wickliffe & Donovan Smith
What’s an IEP and why do you need to know? Chrissy Feil