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Check out this dissertation by Paul Brown.  A very interesting study on how social media is impacting today’s students.

University of Virginia-What Does it Mean for Us?

Greetings Grads,

By now all of us are likely aware of the recent developments at the University of Virginia, where President Teresa Sullivan was forced to resign by the UVA Board of Visitors, and then reinstated, all within a two-week time span. Many analysis in higher education see the actions of the Board of Visitors as having implications for higher education on a broader scale, particularly in regard to how swiftly institutions respond to budget changes. What do you think?

  • What was your initial reaction to President Sullivan’s forced resignation?
  • What do you think were the real reasons behind the Board’s initial decision?
  • Do you think we will see a trend across colleges and universities across the United States of administrators being forced to act more quickly to meet the demands of shrinking budgets?

In case you need to get up to date on what has happened at UVA, you can check out a timeline here:

Please share your thoughts!


10 Easy Steps to Becoming a Writer

I ran across this article in the Chronicle and found it refreshingly entertaining. I thought I would share it with you all as a break from all that housing work. My fellow writers out there will appreciate.


The Inflated Problem of Grades

The subject of grade inflation in colleges and universities is nothing new. At the University of Minnesota, one professor is taking action to ensure that student grades reflect the quality of the courses they are taking. Check out the following article and feel free to share your thoughts in the discussion board below.

  • In working with your students, do you perceive grade inflation to be a major problem on your campus?
  • Do you believe grade inflation is a legitimate concern, or that, as the article suggests, we are simply recruiting higher performing students?
  • Do you have any ideas for how to tackle grade inflation on your campus?