Leadership Opportunities

The NCHO Election Process will begin in September 2018.


Click Here for Executive Council Expectations.

If you have questions about applying for the Executive Council, please contact Shelley Wald, NCHO President- Elect.


Election Process

  • Elections will take place during the Business Meeting at the Annual Conference.
  • All candidates’ statements of intent will be distributed to each institution’s voting member.
  • Each candidate will be introduced to the electorate. If time permits, each candidate may have an opportunity to say a few words up to 2 minutes to the membership present.
  • Voting will take place by secret ballot and in accordance with the organizational voting procedures outlined in the NCHO policy book.
  • For general membership voting there is no minimum number of institutions that need to be present in order to put a vote before the group.
  • For general membership voting there is one voting member per institution.
  • In all voting matters with the exception of elections, a minimum of 2/3 of the member institutions present must vote in the affirmative in order for the motion to pass.
  • In election voting, 50%+1 of the member institutions present must vote, by secret ballot, in the affirmative in order for that position to be officially filled. If no candidate gets 50%+1 of the votes, than the candidate with the lowest percentage is eliminated and a revote is cast until someone wins 50%+1 of the votes.
  • In order for an institution to vote by proxy, they need to cast their votes at least 24 hours before the business meeting with NCHO Business Manager. The vote can be made via emails, verbally via telephone, or in writing. At the appropriate time, the Business Manager will include the proxy vote in the tally process. If a revote is needed in the election of officers and a proxy vote is for a candidate that is eliminated, then the member institution forfeits their right to cast a vote in a “run off” process.
  • Officer election results will be announced to the association prior to the conclusion of the annual conference.