NCHO 2021: “A New Horizon” Program Proposal Submission

The deadline to submit is September 20, 2021at midnight. Multiple submissions are welcome!

NCHO 2021 will take place October 11-12 Virtually. The Call for Proposals is now open!

This year finds us STILL in the midst of COVID-19 and its impact, not only on our campus communities, but on us personally. So, this year our focus is two-fold – how our organizations are making it through and how we, personally, are making it through. We are looking for sessions that:

(1) Speak to surviving, persisting, and belonging in our field – past, present, and future.
(2) Speak to lessons learned, changes made, new and creative paths forward.

Sessions can be tailored for various levels of (para)professionals:

  • Graduate Student
  • New Professional
  • Mid-Level Professional
  • Senior Housing Office and Executive Leader

Sessions can speak to the experience of various Residence Life and Housing Units:

  • Housing Assignments and Occupancy Management
  • Housing Operations and Building Management
  • Marketing
  • Residence Education
  • Residence Life

Submit your program proposal today!