Scholarships – NCHO Annual Conference

Scholarship Information – NCHO Annual Conference:
NCHO annually awards funds to delegates across the state to inspire a diverse attendance to our annual conference celebration.  Submission is quick and easy and only requires you to answer two essay questions regarding your professional goals, how attending the conference might help you achieve them and how you plan to utilize the experience with attending the annual conference to enhance the residential community on your campus.  Now how easy is that!
This year we are offering the following funding opportunities:
  • 2 Scholarships to a full-time professional from an Historically Black College or University
  • 2 Scholarships to a full-time professional representing an institution with a total enrollment of less than 3,000 students to qualify as a Small College or University.
  • 6 Scholarships to a part/full time Graduate Student employed by a Housing and Residence Life Department at one of the institutions within the state of North Carolina
  • 1 Scholarship for an Undergraduate Student that is employed by a Housing/Residence LIfe Department or who serves in a leadership capacity in a Residence Hall Association or NRHH
  • 1 Scholarship for a Presenter whose program submission was accepted and approved for the Fall 2018 Annual Conference.

Deadline for ALL Scholarship submissions (EXCEPT Presenter Scholarship forms) is September 18.

To apply for an NCHO Scholarship, please click here!

 Presenter Scholarship Information:

Presenter Scholarship forms will be sent out to those individuals who submitted and were approved by the Professional Development committee to present at the Fall 2020 Annual Conference.

Scholarship Recipients need to:

  1. Send a copy of the conference/workshop registration to the NCHO Business Manager.
  2. Turn in all necessary receipts before the conference/workshop as directed by the NCHO Business Manager.
  3. Write an article about your conference/workshop experiences for the NCHO Signpost. This article should be sent to the NCHO Communications Coordinator within 3 weeks after the conference/workshop.

For more questions, comments or concerns regarding scholarships please contact:

Shelley Wald, Past-President of NCHO
UNC Greensboro