Executive Council Elections

Interested in joining the NCHO Executive Council?

Elections happen during our NCHO Annual Conference that occurs in the fall. As we get closer to the conference, more information will be released about the application process which normally requires those interested to fill out an application in addition to submitting their resume and a letter of support from their current supervisor or Senior Housing Officer.

The table below outlines the year in which the Executive Council will have position vacancies based on term of office:

Odd Years (2023)Even Years (2024)
President – Elect
Business Manager
Graduate Student Representative 
Technology Coordinator *
Professional Development Chair-Select
Small College and University Representative
ARHC Representative ** 
Assessment Coordinator*
Senior Housing Officer Representative

*Positions appointed by executive council
**Positions appointed by the State Board of Directors of ARHC
President – Elect
SEAHO Representative
Graduate Student Representative 
Professional Development Chair-Select*
Communications Coordinator*
HBCU Representative
New Professional Representative

*Positions appointed by executive council