Executive Council

President: Erin Schneller (Wake Forest University)

Erin Schneller currently serves as a Community Director at Wake Forest University. She is excited to continue to serve NCHO as we embark on the next 50 years of the organization in addition to increasing opportunities on the state level for students and professionals. Outside of work, you can find Erin chasing her son around campus and continuing to explore the Triad. She also loves to travel with her husband, son, and two chihuahuas. Contact me at president@ncho.org.

President-Elect: Zachary “Zach” Short (Wake Forest University)

Zachary Short is a Community Director at Wake Forest University. Zachary is excited to serve NCHO as the President Elect to help build stronger bonds across the state, work toward continuing to sustain the organization and propel it into the next 50 years. When he is not at work, you can most likely find Zachary taking his dog, Koda, on walks or out on the golf course. He also enjoys hiking, camping and hanging out with friends. Contact me at president-elect@ncho.org.

Past President: Curtis “CJ” Jackson (NC State)

Curtis “CJ” Jackson Jr (He/Him) is an Associate Director for Residential Learning at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. CJ is a servant leader who believes greatness and leadership are rooted in an individual’s willingness to be of service to others. He is known and been recognized locally and regionally for his contributions to the Housing organizations he has been a part of as well as his contribution to mentoring young professionals in the field. CJ has devoted a majority of his career to researching and identifying best practices to address the issues that impact the recruitment and retention of Black Males in higher education. His work architecting Black Male Initiative living learning program at NC State has attracted attention of practitioners from peer institutions. Away from the office CJ is devoted to his family and cherishes his role as a father to his two beautiful and intelligent daughters. In his free time, CJ participates in competitive contact flag football where he has earned three (3) World Championships.

As a member of the NCHO Executive Board, CJ looks forward to serving the organization that played a major role in the foundation he established while supporting our member institutions in achieving the mission and vision for their departments and institutions. Contact me at past-president@ncho.org.

Business Manager: Crystal Harvey (High Point University)

Crystal Harvey currently serves as the Director of Residence Life at High Point University. Prior to working in Housing and Residence Life full-time, she worked for four years as a Project Lead at an international accounting firm, PwC. The role of Business Manager feeds her love for numbers and budgeting. It is her honor to use her skills set to help keep NCHO in good financial health. Outside of work, you can find Crystal at Target or TJ Maxx as she is an avid shopper and loves a good sale. Contact me at business@ncho.org.

Communications Coordinator: Ivy Ferreira (High Point University)

Ivy Ferreira currently serves as a Community Director at High Point University. She received her B.S. in Communications with a focus in Public Relations. Ivy is excited to continue to learn communications trends and implement them in real time serving as the Communications Coordinator. In her free time, Ivy enjoys thrifting, leading her Girl Scout Troop, and spending time with her cats (Jack and Salem). Contact me at communications@ncho.org.

Technology Coordinator: Vacant

Learn more about applying for this position by visiting this link!

Assessment Coordinator: Gia Born

Bio to come!

Professional Development Coordinator: Savannah Matherly (NC State)

Savannah Matherly currently serves as a Residence Life Coordinator at NC State University. She is excited to provide accessible and intentional professional development opportunities for folks in our state across all levels! She enjoys spending time and making new memories with her fiance outside of work – She couldn’t do the work she does without his support. Contact me at prodevo-chair@ncho.org.

Annual Conference Chair: Nadia Sharpe (NC State University)

Nadia Sharpe currently serves as a Residence Life Coordinator at NC State University. She is thrilled to be the Annual Conference Chair for NCHO, as she is passionate about event planning and community building. Outside of work, Nadia enjoys spending time with friends and family, exploring the Carolinas through adventures, and traveling to experience different cultures. She is also an avid cook, enjoys hosting parties, and loves indulging my creative side with fun crafts. Contact me at conference-chair@ncho.org.

Annual Conference Chair-Select: Therésa “TK” McKire

Therésa “TK” McKire believes that every person was born with the ability to change someone’s life and works each day to never waste such an opportunity. She is a proud mom, wife, educator, believer, world traveler and overall fun-loving mover and shaker from the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Florida Gulf Coast University and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration from Florida International University and now works as an Assistant Director at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She works tirelessly to support others to be the change in the world and engulf themselves in their passions. In her free time, she enjoys spending time watching movies with her husband Jamison, raising her two amazing boys Jaxon and Jayson, laughing with friends and her sorority sisters of Zeta Phi Beta sorority, Inc., shopping, traveling, and enjoying the best life has to offer.

Membership Coordinator: O’Keefe Johnson

O’Keefe Johnson (she/her) is currently working as a Residence Coordinator at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. O’Keefe achieved both her Bachelor’s of Arts and Sciences as well as her Master’s in Education at the University of Georgia and is concluding her 4th year working for UNCW Housing and Residence Life. O’Keefe has passionately served as the UNCW Residence Hall Association for the last 3 years and was recently elected as the Membership Coordinator for NCHO. O’Keefe is thrilled for the opportunity to continue building connections and assessing appropriate support for institutions across North Carolina, increasing a sense of belonging from the campus scale to the state, regional, and national scale. Outside of work, O’Keefe loves to Latin Dance, make new recipes, explore the outdoors, and spend time with the people she loves.

SEAHO Representative: Gia Lee (Wake Forest University)

Gia Lee currently serves as Assistant Director of Residential Conduct at Wake Forest University. She is excited to continue her work advocating for the state of North Carolina in the SEAHO boardroom. She is also most excited to share the best conference memories with all of you. Gia enjoys going out and exploring with her husband and their dog Winnie. Contact me at ncstaterep@seaho.org.

Senior Housing Officer (SHO) Representative: J. Kala Bullett, JD

J. Kala Bullett serves as the Senior Director for Residential Education at UNC Chapel Hill and is a dedicated believer in the importance of housing and residence life in higher education. She has over 20 years of experience leading professional teams and is continually encouraged by the opportunities to be challenged by her colleagues, team, employees, as well as those who started this work before her. Kala has benefited from invested supervisors, mentors and direct reports who have helped her think outside of the perspectives she brings from her own experiences and is thrilled to serve as the SHO representative to continue providing spaces for senior level housing officers to contribute to the professional development of emerging leaders in our field.

New Professional and Graduate (NPGS) Representative: Reaiah E. Rutherford (UNC-Charlotte)

Reaiah E. Rutherford currently serves as a Residence Education Coordinator at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In this role, she is excited to be an advocate and help graduate students and new professionals find opportunities to connect. Outside of work, she enjoys playing her violin and traveling internationally. Contact me at new-professional-rep@ncho.org.

Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Representative: Liz Shepard (Winston-Salem State University)

Liz Shepard M.Ed. serves as the Assistant Director of Academic Initiatives, Curriculum, and Assessment for Winston-Salem State University’s Housing and Residence Life. Liz serves as the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Representative for NCHO. In this role, Liz advocates and brings attention to the needs and talents of HBCUs in the state of North Carolina. In her free time, Liz enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her hobbies include baking, and trying new restaurants and coffee shops! Contact me at hbcu@ncho.org.

Small College & University (SCU) Representative: Marqiece Cunningham (Campbell University)

Marqiece Cunningham (He/Him) is the Interim Director of Residence Life & Housing at Campbell University. Since changing industries from industrial sales to student affairs, Marqiece has enjoyed engaging in mentorship and supervisor roles at various institutions. He is excited to help connect staff at fellow small colleges and universities feel more connected to NCHO. Since arriving in North Carolina, he has been found a lot of joy in connecting Black people to outdoor recreation through leading hikes in the Triangle. When he’s not on the trails, Marqiece can be found at local events or playing video games with friends. Contact me at small-college-university@ncho.org.