When AI Takes Over Housing: A (Not So) Sci-Fi Exploration

In this edition of “NCHO All Year,” Patrick Preudhomme (UNC-Chapel Hill) explores how AI impacts residence life work.

Ever considered the thought that Artificial Intelligence might just be secretly plotting to take over the world? Or at least our housing operations? Dive into this interactive and thrilling session where we journey through a (not-so-distant) future, where AI isn’t just a tool – it’s the mastermind running the day-to-day operations in housing! From streamlining mundane tasks to predicting the next big trend in housing, come explore how this friendly “overlord” is reshaping our daily housing universe in its own image. This session will explore how you can manage, control, and grow with AI. AI is everywhere, students are using it, your staff is using it and maybe this presentation is even made by AI!


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