Graduate Student Connections: Senior Housing Officer Tips for Interviewing, Events, and More!

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As the Graduate Student Representative for NCHO, part of my job is coordinating opportunities for Graduate Students, including networking, professional development, and social opportunities. I have created a Google Form to start making a database of graduate studentin North Carolina. Please fill it out at the link below. The database will allow us to include you in upcoming opportunities, and make sure we are getting the information directly to you. Since I can’t be everywhere in the state, I am asking for help from you too! If you are interested in helping coordinate or lead networking opportunities for grads in your area of the state please let me know via the Google Form.

I wanted also to inform you that the Conferencing 101 session with Dr. Brian McGowan that was scheduled for tomorrow night will have to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. In lieu follow Link 1, Link 2, and Link 3

to gather tips on navigating the conference season.

Tune into the NCHO Facebook page tonight from 5-7pm for the first graduate student discussion topic! The topic will be themes from the movie Black Panther for those who have seen it!

I can also serve as a voice to graduate students in our state. If you have anything that you want me to bring to the NCHO Executive Board’s attention, please email me at

I look forward to working with all of you!

Google Form: